Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wednesday Weigh-In

Starting Weight (1/1/05): 366.00
Weight Started with Matt (5/14/07): 342.00
Current Weight (12/12/07): 299.75
Weight Loss To Date: 66.25 lbs
% Body Weight Loss: 18.1%

Weekly Weight Loss: 2.25 lbs

I hit my first milestone goal. AND I did it ten days ahead of schedule.
I am officially under 300lbs and haven't been here in many years.
I am proud of myself for the first time. (Please see this post.)
I ran three consecutive laps (0.3 mile) with Matt at the gym in 3:03 (a first).
I went to the gym every day.
I had to bump up my resistance levels on most of the machines I use.

The Good
I didn't have seconds during Thursday's potluck dinner.
I ate pretty well during Monday's potluck dinner.
I'm getting better control of trigger foods that I would binge on.
I got new sneakers. :)

The Bad
I attended three potlucks.
I had cake (a small slice of two different kindse) on Thursday.
I was nibbly while baking on Sunday.
I had Mexican food last Wednesday (tamales and salsa/chips).

The Ugly
Today's potluck. While I don't think what I ate was all that bad for me, I ate WAY too much. I'm still full and my body does not know what to do with the excess food. Mental note: Never, never, never fill my plate again, no matter how good it was. Stop overeating with my eyes.

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urs said...

oh Michelle - what an awesome blog entry.

First off, i love how you created a FANTASTIC section! that's awesome!!!! i love how you elevated those things above the others. especially reaching your first milestone goal!!!! congrats on getting below 300 lbs!!! that's awesome!!!!!

second, I like how you created a good, bad, and ugly. Despite your major achievements, i love how you're still honest about where you are and the areas where you're still working on. It's very humble of you to consistently share your downfalls.

third - congrats on the good too!! you didn't go for seconds and you can see improvement in controlling your trigger foods!!! that's awesome!!! and I especially think so because I vividly remember Kristin at the potluck saying, "mmm time for seconds!" and at the time, i didn't think much of it (except that for some reason i was surprised she was getting seconds for some reason) but looking back at it after reading your blog, how tempting it must have been for you!!! maybe you didn't notice it and it wasn't tempting for you at all :) but nonetheless, congratulations. :) Also, i think it's cute you included your new pair of sneakers in this section...hehe.

fourth - you've had a lot of potlucks lately! must be nice!!! :)

fifth - I wish i could succinctly share my thoughts in my blog like you. You make reading your blog entries so simple because you say a lot in just a few words. I envy that. :) I always say a lot in A LOT of words, making it daunting for others who have little time to sit and read it.

and lastly - goodness, I feel as if it's an achievement in and of itself to post all your weight stats. I don't know how many overweight women I've met in the PT clinic who absolutely refused to give their weight to the PT that was treating them. I feel as if it says a lot about your heart, your goals, and your determination to be so honest about your weight. I know I've said this 100 times, but thank you for being so honest throughout your's definitely encouraging. :)

k, I think those are all my thoughts. :)