Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm my worst enemy...

I'm my worst enemy. I'm self-defeating. I set myself up for failure. But I blame everyone else for my failure. I make any excuse I can to do/not do x, y, and z. I want things now, not later. If I don't get it now, I'm not patient enough to wait. I wear my heart of my sleeve. I get crushed emotionally and mentally all the time. I secretly despise beautiful people. Okay, maybe it's not so secret anymore. I can't take compliments because I feel I can always be better and do better. I will never be completely satisfied with myself. There are very few things I want out of life, and I'm afraid a few of them will never happen the older I get. I wish more people could look past my faults. Just maybe I don't deserve to be loved because I constantly disappoint them. I hate routine. But maybe that's what I need most. I'm not looking for pity...I'm just beating myself up right now. I wish I could re-live most of my life; I'd do a thousand things differently. I guess I shouldn't live in the past.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

2009 Trans-Amazon Expedition

In September, expedition leader Joseph Hochman from Austin, Texas and his expedition partner, Timothy Hawkins, will embark across the South American continent on an ambitious descent of the Amazon River in a canoe. The trip will span three months and 2,500 miles through breathtaking rainforest ecosystems from Yurimaguas, Peru to the river's terminus in Belem, Brazil.

The expedition has a higher purpose than mere adventure travel. The team is collaborating with Rainforest Partnership, an Austin-based nonprofit dedicated to the cause of equatorial deforestation. Rainforest Partnership has an innovative approach in that it links deforestation's global impact on climate change to people who can help in local indigenous communities. The journey provides a personal account of a vibrant ecosystem facing these living, ongoing issues of human-environmental interactions.

Tim is a good friend of mine, and I am excited about this wonderful opportunity that he has. Joseph and Tim are tracking their trip through, and also maintain a group on Facebook. Please join them on their journey through the Amazon!