Monday, August 08, 2005

And The Research Shows...

I'm feeling pretty vocal today. Today's topic is all about research because I heard two interesting stories, and in ways, they seem to almost contradict each other.

You can't eat a high-fat diet because that the hormone cholecystokinin doesn't work probably, therefore your body keeps feeling hungry. You can read the story here.

On the other hand, research has shown that those who drink diet drinks are more likely to gain weight because it isn't filling.

But then there's that research that shows if you don't wash off the pesticides that may still be on your fruits and vegetables before eating them, that can lead to a variety of different health outcomes. AND, let's not even talk about how bad those natural sugars and carbohydrates are in fruit! ::in case you can't see me, I'm rolling my eyes::

So I've come to this conclusion: You are never going to do absolutely everything that you should be doing based on research. Research can contradict itself. Not to mention how the news reports this research! You only get half the facts and it is not always interpreted correctly.

The best bet: Eat anything in moderation.