Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The AeroGarden

Let me introduce you to the AeroGarden (photo from the link). If anybody knows me, they know I do not have a green thumb, but I absolutely love fresh veggies and fruit. The last time I tried to grow herbs was when I was in New York and insects invaded everywhere. I had to ditch the whole project.

I bought an AeroGarden as a Christmas gift to myself. The biggest perk is how easy it is to get rid of insects if they invade (you just simply wash them down the drain!). The biggest limitation? The light bulbs are on for like 16 hours a day. What can I say, I'm somewhat an environmentalist.

I'm not selling AeroGardens or advertising for them, this is just an FYI...if you're like me and just don't have a green thumb.

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urs said...

hehe...this is really cute. i like it. :)

Kelly brought me a yellow, goldish poinsetta the other day in celebration of completing another semester of school, and i got so excited!!! well, excited because it was sweet of him to bring me home something, but also because i like taking care of little plants! i have no green thumb, but for some reason, taking care of little plants is fun, even if you're successful...but it is more fun when you are successful. :) I have yet to be that successful, but I'm always hopeful when the opportunity arises! :)

and THEN, his office had a Christmas party and he won a little pine tree!!! and by little, i mean no taller than a foot...but again! it's exciting to have the idea of another little plant to take care of!!! and the pine is less cumbersome to take care of than the poinsetta so maybe i'll actually succeed with this one!!!

so yeah, your little mini greenhouse looking thing, what you call "The AeroGarden" reminded me of how fun it would be to grow something in it. :) hehe.