Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Parties

Wow. Let me just say the party girl social butterfly Michelle might just be back, and she is definitely glad to be back!

Friday evening at the gym, I was talking to a friend, let her know that I made my goal early and wanted to see if she was going to the Austin 24 Hour Fitness Christmas Party at Vicci on Saturday. She said she was invited, but had to work and it'd be 9pm at earliest if she got there. Luckily I stopped to chat with her because she informed me that people tended to get dressed up for the event (not everybody did, but most did). So Friday night after the gym I went dress shopping. I hate trying clothes on since my body is all weird sizes now. I also don't wear dresses; I tend to wear skirts for dates or nights on the town, so I just loathed dress shopping. I hit Macy*s and tried on a few things, almost left the store, but something caught my eye. I picked it up and thought, "Is it worth going back into the dressing room to try this on?" I strolled through a few aisles and grabbed a pair of size 24 work pants as well. (Currently my jeans are a size 26 and they've been falling off my hips. I've been meaning to go in and see if I'm officially a size 24, but haven't had the time.) I tried the dress on in a maroon and a black. I ended up getting the black one, mainly on the basis that every girl needs a black dress in their closet and mine is WELL outdated and probably no longer fits. Here's the exciting news though...the size 24 pants fit perfectly, but the style just didn't look good on me. I actually bounced up and down and clapped a few times. You would have been embarrassed for me if you saw me do that; it was pretty cheesey, but I was stoked.

After my shopping expedition, I ran home, changed, and ran to Joe's Christmas Party. Thankfully he lives in the same apartment complex as me, so it was a short commute. (No, I didn't drive, I walked.) I opened the door to his apartment, and the first person I see is the big boss guy; I was pretty shocked. Everybody was drinking. Their main choices were Miller High Life, margaritas, ginatonics, and who knows what else. A long time prior I told Joe I couldn't drink at his party because I was drinking on Saturday. Luckily all our friends didn't tempt me into drinking. I did have a sip of a ginatonic because I never tried one before.

Saturday was a busy day for me. I hit the gym, and I ran to Sears and JCPenny to see if I could find a better dress, shoes, purse, jewelry, and boob adhesive tape since the one dress I did find was low cut. I got three out of the five. Long story short, a bunch of us were supposed to meet up before the Christmas Party, and as usual, I was running late. I got to Lavaca Street Bar 20 minutes late, but nobody was there. :) Looks like I'm not the only one (cough cough Matt...I'll be there in 20...). I looked pretty smoking hot for throwing myself together like I did. (I know, slightly conceited there.) I'll post a photo at some point and you can be the judge. Actually, the photos people took of me, man, I see the difference in my weight loss big time!

Anyway, I had a great time! For those trainers who read this thing, thanks for taking me out and your encouragement through this...experience, or rather journey. It gave me an opportunity to get to know y'all in a different light, rather than our five minute conversations between your clients OR you getting to know me through Matt. Until next time, cheers!

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Ursula said...

how cute!!!! i wouldn't have been embarrassed for you!!! hehe. :) congrats Michelle!!!!

that's really cool you can see the change in the way you look in pictures...that's gotta feel encouraging.