Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Goals

I have set high goals the next few months, and I do realize it will be hard to reach them. Nonetheless, I'm going to shoot for them.

12/21/07: <300 lbs (CHECK! Goal reached on 12/12/07.)
03/14/08: 266.00 (100 lb weight loss for me)
05/14/08: 242.00 (100 lb weight loss with Matt and in a year)

If you do the math, it's about 2.7 lbs per week. Obviously I'm hoping not to hit a plateau anywhere inbetween, but life happens. Do you think this unrealistic? Do you think I can do it? I'm up to the challenge!

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urs said... I think it's unrealistic? No. Do I think you can do it? Yes. Do I have other comments? Yes. Ok, so I added the last question in myself. :)

I think losing 2.7 lbs per week is realistic and possible, but from what I was taught in udergrad, its usually not good to aim for losing more than 2 lbs a week. We were told that trying to lose more than 2 lbs a week ends up not being a real lifestyle change because it's a lot of weight in little time which will make it difficult to keep off in the long run...but I dunno...if that's a goal your trainer set for you, then maybe it's fine. He may have more current and up-to-date info. Just thought I'd share the info I learned in school. :)

thanks for keeping up with your blog. You've been writing in it almost everyday lately! :)