Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tip #3: Squeezing in extra cardio when all you want to do is go home...

There are two floors at my gym; the lower has the locker rooms, pool, sauna, hot tub, trainer meeting rooms, cycling room, and the upper has all the weights, cardio equipment, aerobic room, and functional training room. For the most part, I'm always upstairs (a few times I jump in the pool). The only bathrooms in the building are in the locker rooms, so any time I have to go, I have to head downstairs. For me, this is sometimes a trial because I walk pass my locker and it is SO tempting to just grab my stuff and go home. I occasionally have the same problem after lifting with Matt, so I came up with a trick: I leave something upstairs that requires me to go back upstairs no matter what. Since I have to go back up, I'm more than likely to leave my crap in the locker room and do more cardio. Tricking my mind helps every so often!


urs said...

oh're so good. :)

I have often wondered about that...why there's only one set of bathrooms in 2-story gyms. I've only been to a couple 2-story gyms when they've given out free passes so I haven't been to a whole lot, but the ones I went to were kind of frustrating to have to go all the way downstairs, to the BACK of the locker room just to go pee! goodness. I can totally see how it's tempting to want to just grab your stuff and leave rather than go back UP stairs after you're already pretty fatigued....well, you go girl!!!! way to work around your temptations!!!! :)

oh Michelle...I'm so proud of you...keep working hard girl! You make me want to hit the gym and do some weights!!! I've always been self-conscious about my puny arms but there are so many barriers to just getting to the gym! for me, it's easier to just hit the street and go for a run....but that doesn't help my puny just makes them punier!! :( Your diligence and consistency in going to the gym is definitely motivating and inspiring.

Michelle said...


You're beautiful the way God made you. Hugs.