Monday, July 09, 2007

What I have learned...

...from my trainers.

Trainer 1 (Laura): Trainers are people too, and you shouldn't be afraid of them. They know what they are doing, and if you apply yourself, you will see results.

Trainer 2 (Scott): Scott was right. (Hopefully he'll never read this because he'll never let me live this one down.) Physically you can do anything you put your mind to. You have to be just as mentally tough as you are physically. One of my biggest challenges is to overcome my negative mindset. Yes...surprising...I can be pretty negative when I don't see the results I hope for as fast as I wish to see them.

Trainer 3 (Matt): Teamwork and trust. On one of our walking laps, he used one word that taught me teamwork and trust: WE. It was not just about me, it was about what WE could and would do. It was actually at this point I realized I lost my extended support system when I moved to Texas and that is what I am trying to rebuild at this point in my life. I have been so afraid to let people into my inner world that I have pushed so many potentially close friends away. This perception is changing...big time.

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Busy all the time. said...

hey michelle!

good to hear from you. I'll try to keep updated on your blog. I moved out to California (craziness), and I'm a baker. I hear Austin's nice-maybe one of these days I'll get down there.