Thursday, July 12, 2007

H2O Consumption

On Monday, Matt and I were chatting and we got on the topic of water consumption. He's always making me drink the stuff while training. Anyway, I told him I found a perfect method on how to get my water intake up and that was through water containers that had straws since I have a really bad oral fixation problem. So on Wednesday, he saw me with my water bottle with a straw, and he makes the wise-crack, "Enjoying your sippy cup." :) Matt, Matt, Matt...

I meant to ask Matt on Wednesday why it was so important to consume so much water while trying to lose weight and would flavoring water with Crystal Light do, but I forgot to. Ironically, I found an article that day about the issue:
Our body requires a certain amount (of water) to maintain our blood osmotic levels, provide the medium for circulating and excreting waste products, and cleansing the interstitial tissues... This (drinking water) is actually in order to help with the removal of the ketons, an acidic particle residue produced when converting fat into sugar in the body for energy metabolism, from the body... (Dr. Mao's Secrets of Longevity)

Okay, straight water for me, but I'm not giving up my coffee in the morning!

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