Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Funny Story #1

Yesterday I was working with my trainer and we were doing alternating front lunges. I am not a huge fan of them because...well...I'll be honest, I'm always sore the next day from them. Whenever I do anything balancing-related, Matt seems to get a little nervous because I don't have any balance. On my last lunge, my foot did not make it back to it's starting point and I fell on my butt nearly wiping out a runner on the track. :) As I joked around with Matt, there goes all that trust he earned! LOL :) Nah...I know he's still got my back.

Trust has always been an issue of mine because I always like to be in control. It reminds me of the activity we used to do in grade school, where you would fall back and wait for your friend to catch you. OR there was the blindfold game where you would be led by a friend or an acquaintance around the school and they would direct you if you were going to walk into something. Obviously I don't have everything under control because of how big I have gotten. Hmmm...something to think about further. Will post further about my "control" issues...

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