Saturday, July 14, 2007


Yesterday was a bad day for food consumption, although I still burned more calories than I took in. I did not have anything home-cooked and today I feel like crap. My body hurts and my digestive system is killing me. So what did I eat?

Protein Bar
Rudy's BBQ leftovers
Little Caeser's Pepperoni Pizza Slices
Trudy's Chips/Salsa/Burrito

I had every intention of bringing half of the burrito home, but it was so yummy. At least I made the decision not to drink at happy hour yesterday and I stuck to that!

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Ursula said...

oh Michelle...its been very encouraging to read your honesty...your positive attitude (especially when you fell!! :( how sad)...your desire to grow and make changes, such as getting out of your comfort zone, in order to reach your goal...

It sounds like you have a good trainer who's been a cool help...and props for finishing the 4 mile workout!!!! you go girl!!!!!!!!!! :)