Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Perfectionist In Me

I sometimes do not get involved in physical activities, especially team sports, because I don't feel qualified to participate. I feel like the team is losing because of me, and in a culture where there is a high stress on winning, this is a huge burden to take time and time again. Even if I go hiking with a friend, I feel like I'm holding him/her back from going farther or faster (even if they do not care or notice). So for the past many years, I have stayed away from physical activities that involved other people, and focused on solitary things, such as walking on the treadmill/track and using the elliptical/treadclimber; I am comfortable with these things, and it's easier for me to challenge myself.

Yesterday, I was reading an article called the 9 Dieting Paradoxes that Make Perfect Sense - Part 1 that hits on the above topic:

"The pursuit of perfection comes with an ugly flip side: a fear of failure, or fear of making a mistake. This fear keeps a lot of people from trying something different or learning a new skill. They'd rather not try than go through the anguish of not doing it perfectly. The perfectionist likes to stick with things she knows that she can do."

Hmmmm...maybe I need to start stepping out of my comfort zone? But how?

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