Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-In

Just a small reminder, my last weigh-in was on Friday, so it has not been a full week yet.

Weight Statistics
Starting Weight (1/1/05): 366.00
Weight Started with Matt (5/14/07): 342.00
Current Weight (1/9/08): 295.00
Weight Loss To Date: 71.00 lbs
% Body Weight Loss: 19.4%

Five Day Weight Loss: 1.0 lb

Today, I turned the corner out of my office just as Cindy did down the hall. Cindy works in a different area of the department, but we have chatted a bit here and there. As we approached the door to the hall, she exclaimed, "You've lost weight!" The only person in their section that knows I'm losing weight is Carrie, so it was nice that somebody noticed.
While at the gym today, Destiny, a trainer, grabbed my attention with a "How much have you lost so far?" (I think her male client was curious but didn't want to approach me.) I asked back, "Since I started with Matt or overall?"

The Good
I got two double sessions in this week (which is good since I'm sick).
I ran 6 laps at the gym on Monday.
I've been very productive at work.

The Bad
I have been sick for almost a week now.
I'm stressed for a variety of reasons: deciding about Boston, deadlines at work, and confusing men.
Three beers on Sunday (one per half).
I should be eating more protein (I really should add this to resolutions list).
Instead of doing four weight training sessions (two with Matt, two on my own), Matt and I only did two full body workouts.

The Ugly
I'm a big klutz. I fell on Sunday, bruised my hip and left quad. Still really sore when I run.
I was way under in consuming my calories today (busy at work). I tend to then "overconsume" when I get home...trying not to tonight.
Sweets and salty stuff - need I say more?
My water consumption is not as high as it should be for the amount of exercise I'm getting (I should be drinking a gallon). I cramped up pretty bad last night.


Heather said...

awesome job!! and the compliments are so great, I know that will only help fuel you to keep on going. its always nice when others recognize our hard work.

Hanlie said...

I like how you set everything out so concisely. I'm sure it makes things more measurable. At least you know what you still need to be working on.

There's nothing like people noticing and commenting to make one feel like a million dollars, is there?

Well done! I'm proud of you!

CindyPTN said...


I grew up Georgetown there! Love Austin. You did a great job this week.

Scale Junkie said...

Congrats on the loss and the compliments! I think its great when it starts to show on the outside what you've been feeling on the inside.

I hope you feel better soon!!