Monday, January 07, 2008


The week after New Year's is the busiest time of year with people making resolutions to either stay in shape or get in shape. I commend people who want to do this because I know how hard it is, but for a gym regular, it gets slightly frustrating when the fitness center is packed to the point where there is no equipment open to use. Luckily, my gym has an indoor track that I can use, but that can get pretty busy as well.

Why is it only one time a year (New Years) people decide to recommit themselves to changing their lives? Why not do this once a month or week? Heck, I sometimes do it daily if I'm having a bad week exercising and/or eating according to my food plan.

Why is it only one time a year (Christmas) people decide to show one another how much they care by giving gifts or sending cards saying "I'm thinking of you."? I vowed this Christmas that I would send my "newsletter" bi-yearly instead of just Christmas-time.

Why is it only one time a year (Valentine's Day) people decide to express their love to their close friends and family? Should we not commit to a life of love?

When you try to meet your health goals this year, I ask that you don't get tied up in the mentality that you can only recommit to yourself once a year. You mess up, tomorrow's a new day - better yet, the next hour is a new hour. Live your life of love for you then for others. This has been the first time I have put myself first and I have found others respect me more because of it.

My hope this year is to inspire and to maybe add a few new habits to the mix of things. How can I inspire you to be all that you can be?


Saweetie-Carleen said...

great thoughts its very true, there are a couple people I've talked to that know I go to WW and they've been like- "in the new year I'll join"...I made a decision in the middle of the month in September to get up and go--and i've been going ever since...I"m vowing NOT to go to the gym for a little while longer (workouts consist of at home and walking) to avoid the rush and not look like a "resolutioner"

I like your point about the christmas newsletter-I may have to try a SUmmer update!!
Take Care and bare with the gym, there maybe some people there that you might inspire to stick around! :)

Hanlie said...

You already do, just by visiting our blogs, reading our posts and commenting. But also because you've stuck with this for so long and not given up.

I think we are very much led by the media. All those "out with the old, in with the new" articles in newspapers and magazines make us re-evaluate our lives and then we think "I should make some changes". The fact that everyone makes pigs of themselves over the holidays also make us feel as if we should really rein ourselves in. But the majority falls by the wayside within a week or two.

I mean, even this challenge started on 1 January. I think most of us are committed and will benefit greatly from the support and input.

Michelle said...

I think Diana has done a fantastic job with the challenge, back in July I wanted to start a Healthy Lifesytle Team, but had no bites. I feel everyone can improve their health habits in some way or form.

Overall I don't mind resolutioners...I get to watch new folks and give an occasional encouraging smile. I just get easily frustrated, hence why I like to blog.

Heather said...

I totally agree with you! it kills me when I see people waiting until after a holiday or special event to continue their weight loss efforts! there will always be special events and things coming up and if we always "wait" then we are losing so much progress we could be making!

Ursula said...

yeah, i've thought about the samething...why do people wait until new years to change something? sometimes i've felt frustrated by it b/c i feel like, if they have to wait until new year's to change something in their life, then i'm not sure how much of a lifestyle change it'll be if it's something they just can't change during anytime during their life. But granite, there are people who really do benefit from making new year's resolutions.

nice entry. thanks for sharing. :)

Trisaratops said...

The New Year's people at the gym kill me too! I hate when it is so crowded, and I consider myself a "regular". :) I think people want to wait until the new year to eat right because they (well, the people I know who say they want to wait) celebrate Christmas, and like most people, they celebrate with food. And I started exercising and changing my eating habits in August, when there was lots of fresh fruit of summer around. However, it wasn't an overnight thing, where I was suddenly finding a nectarine to be just as satisfying as bacon and eggs. So, I think when people are in the cookie/rich dinners/potato-y mode of the holidays, it is too hard for them to re-tool their eating habits when they know they are going to be tempted. Just my opinion.

This is far too long a comment! But I agree with your sentiment that we shouldn't only do good things for ourselves once a year, or only commit once a year. Here here! Your 12 pound loss over Christmas proves that point crystal clear! Wowza!