Monday, January 14, 2008

My Decision About Boston

Everything happens according to God's plan; my life to-date is a pretty good example of that. After undergrad I wanted to go to Michigan for grad school, but I went to New York instead. After grad school, I wanted to move to Houston for a job, but was given an opportunity in Michigan. Couple years later, God gave me this job in Austin (not Houston, but still Texas). Each one of these journeys has taught me a life lesson. Michigan taught me how to forgive from the heart, and moving to Texas was a test of my faith. (One example was having a new year-long apartment lease in Michigan as I decided to move to Texas. How in the world was I going to pay two leases? God provides a way...always.) I thought God gave me Texas to teach me faithfulness and obedience, but after I reflected for over a week, I don't think those were the life lessons he wanted me to learn from Texas.

During my time of reflection, there was one verse that I kept going back to: "A man's wisdom gives him patience..." (Proverbs 19:11) At first I thought this was telling me to be patient and God will speak to me in time about the decision I needed to make, but it was really telling me that I need to be patient in
every aspect of my life (to name a few, love, weight loss, close friendships, etc). I honestly believe this is the life lesson Texas is supposed to teach me: patience. Maybe it won't be the only life lesson, but it's a start.

Although I would love to move to Boston to be near my best friend, go to Boston University for my doctorate, be recognized as an expert by experts in my field, and start my consulting business, I desire for what I already have here, and I believe it is according to God's plan. Financial growth can be replaced (or supplemented), personal growth cannot.


Chubby Chick said...

Being where God wants you to be is the most important thing. I'm glad you have peace with your decision. :)

Hanlie said...

Good for you!

Felicia said...

Hope you have a WONDERFUL week!!!

Felicia =0)

Heather said...

that is so true...I have always found that wherever I go, through any difficulties or uncertainties, god has always taken care of me and shown me the way. I know he will continue to do so for you too!

Carleen said...

sounds like you've got it all figured out! well done :)

Wendi said...

"God does not choose the equipped, he equips those that He has choosen"

Sound like you have been chosen, just let Him lead and you will prosper in all area's of life.