Friday, January 04, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-In (On Friday)

Weight Statistics
Starting Weight (1/1/05): 366.00
Weight Started with Matt (5/14/07): 342.00
Current Weight (1/4/08): 296.00
Weight Loss To Date: 70.00 lbs
% Body Weight Loss: 19.1%

Bi-Weekly Weight Loss: 1.5 lbs

After about two weeks of traveling, I actually still lost weight!
I got to see snow and feel really brisk air for the first time in almost two years.
After showing a guy how to order a beer at the bar on New Years, it kind of felt nice that he watched me walk away with confidence. (There's definitely more to the story.)

The Good
I got home in one piece.
I went to the gym once in Boston and actually looked forward to hitting the gym as soon as I got back.
People seem excited that I'm back in town.

The Inbetween
I ran into my old trainer at the gym on Wednesday. I found out he stepped down as manager at the other location and is back into training at our facility. Obviously it's my choice who I train with, and I am staying with Matt, but it's just strange to see Scott around again.

The Bad
The Boston dilemma (see yesterday's post).
I ate out a lot while in Boston, BUT it was mainly seafood.
I sprained a toe (don't ask how).
We didn't get to go snowboarding as planned. :-( We would have had to go to New Hampshire and weren't in the mood to drive that far.
I probably will not hit my next goal (30lbs in about two months).

The Ugly
My alcohol consumption was pretty high while in Boston (I drank all three nights).


Krissie said...

I just found you from the Challenge. I can't wait to read more about you!

Michelle said...

Krissie, Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to my journey. I hope I can help motivate and inspire you and fellow challengers to be the best you can be this new year!