Saturday, October 06, 2007

Wellness Cell Phone

Photograph taken from Cell Phone Digest (October 4, 2007).

While reading the AP Health News this morning, I read the following headline, "New prototype phone gives fitness check." Japan's NTT DoCoMo, Inc. unveiled a new wellness cell phone at the 2007 CREATEC electronics show that has motion sensors to detect movement and can calculate how many calories you burn. Even more so, it can calculate your body fat and can give you advice based on your stress levels. This cell phone can even tell you if you have bad breath! The company is currently testing the phone's function on tracking meals and calculating calorie intake. There currently is no release date, but unfortunately for us in the United States, NTT DoCoMo, Inc. does not sell cell phones overseas.

Why is the U.S. so behind in cell phone technology? If I could get a cell phone to calculate everything my BodyBugg does, I'd be so much happier not to have to wear an armband all day long!

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