Monday, October 22, 2007

Trainers trainers everywhere...

A few interesting this occurred this past week.

On Friday, although I took the day off from work due to my cold, I was going stir crazy in my apartment and I could not deal with watching another Jerry Springer show. I jumped in my car and went to the gym. Ironically, I ran into a girl that I see all the time at the gym after work and we started talking. To find out, she's been sick too. I did an hour of light cardio, and headed to the functional training room to stretch. I get intercepted by Paul, another trainer. We start chatting about workouts and what-have-you, and he gives me the best compliment ever. "You really look great."

I stood in on Saturday, slept way too much. By this time, I had been on a soup diet for three days. On Sunday, though, I got up, went to church, and hit the grocery store because I felt I could possibly eat real food again. Since I've been sick, I tend to rely heavily on prepared foods and had do you put it...garbage in shopping cart. Lo-and-behold, who do I run into at the grocery store? No...not my trainer, he lives up north...but another trainer, Scotty, who was one of the first ones to comment and compliment me on my dedication. I quickly put my hands over my cart, and exclaimed, "Don't look!" He chuckled and said, "Michelle, I don't care, don't worry about it." Of course I told Matt this story today and confessed my wrong-doings, and Matt said, "Scotty didn't rat you out, so you know he can be trusted." Matt wasn't too upset with some of the items in my cart...

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R.E. said...

Hi, Michelle! Great job. I am working, just like you, slow and steady to keep it off this time. I'm down 48 pounds since Jan.

I'd like to invite you to join, Sharing a Healthy Path, my support and information group for anyone with 100 pounds or more to lose, ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle. The goal of Sharing a Healthy Path is to establish a community committed to a long term vision of personal, healthy change.

Keep on keepin' healthy!