Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I am worth it.

I won't lie, I watch the Biggest Loser. Sometimes the show encourages me to be better and do more, but other times it frustrates me to see them lose so much weight quickly. Granted, I could drop weight that fast too if I was to dedicate hours and hours a day to exercise alone, but alas, I have to work for a living. Anyway, sometimes there are some really moving moments that make me wonder or just really hit home for me. In this week's episode, a trainer kept yelling at one of the girls to say and mean the following while running on a treadmill: "I am worth it." Why wouldn't I be worthy of a great life? Are we not put on this earth to do great things and be the best that we can be? I think these four words are my new motto every time Matt makes me run a lap at the gym. All the pain, all the pent up anger, all the frustration, all the tears, all the successes, all I AM WORTH IT.

While going through a spiritual gifts survey, I was asked to evaluate the following statement: I am willing to attempt impossible tasks for God. The more I think about this statement, the more it confuses me because all things are possible if you believe in God and yourself. I'm beginning to believe in myself. While I was driving to the gym today, I finally realized how negative I am about who I am as a person. I put myself down all the time, usually in the form of a joke or two or three or four. I have decided to try and stop doing this because I believe in the end, it will hurt my chances to lose and keep the weight off.

Oh yeah...I lost 3.75lbs this past week, but last week I was bloated when I weighed in...soooo....

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doris 桃利思 said...

I want to watch "The Biggest Loser" too, but it is not aired at my place. I can only watch some scenes in NBC website.

Of course we can't lose as quickly as the contestants, they are working out full time and being watched by the professionals. At least we as the audience can get some inspirations from the show.

Some of the contestants gain weight after the show, hopefully they are able to keep the weight off which they have paid so much efforts to lose it.