Friday, October 05, 2007

Are Horoscopes True?

I get a variety of horoscopes on My Yahoo! page. Usually, I find them quite amusing because they really don't hit what is happening in my life, but today's overview caught my attention because it did!

"Overview: You're daydreaming about the next big thing and you may need to do something about it soon. Whatever you want to make happen, you can at least prepare for the future turn your life will take."

Matt and I chatted about something, and it reminded me of some dreams I had back a few years ago, part of the reason why I started to lose weight. All of a sudden, all these dreams have resurfaced, and I feel SO alive. I actually began researching one of them last night, to start preparing for the leap when I'm ready. Some day I will expand further on these dreams, but feel it's too risky to chat about now (you never know who's going to be reading this). All I have to say is that it feels EXTREMELY right.

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