Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I overreact again...

As usual, I overreacted again. I lost two pounds in the past two weeks. Go figure. :) And it's back to a 50lb weight loss! It was slightly amusing because I jumped on the scale, moved the weights and it kept telling me that I had a 10lb weight loss is 1.5 weeks. I kept saying, "This is impossible." Matt walks by and was confused with the look on my face. I told him that I didn't get it...a 10lb weight loss? So he jumped on the scaled and weighed himself. Everything was fine on the scale. I jump back on... DRUM ROLL PLEASE. I was weighing myself in kilograms not pounds. So the alleged 10lb weight loss was really only 2lbs. Really, didn't you know I was part blonde?

I'm coming down with an awful cold though. It's right there behind my nose, just sitting there waiting to explode. It's probably why I was so tired this past week, my body was trying to fight it off as much as it could.

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