Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Revisiting A Past Revelation

Today on my way out of the gym, I started thinking about a revelation from a couple years ago which was that this really has to be a lifestyle change...meaning it has to be forever. FOREVER. There is something about that word that intimidates me. If this is really going to work this time around, I can't just change the things around me (e.g., buy only healthy food), it has to be something internal as well (e.g., the ability to say "no"). That's why this blog is so focused on my feelings and emotions. I want all the things I learn here to become natural habits. I want to have the ability to pass up that piece of Mocha Almond cake from Upper Crust Bakery without having to convince myself why it is better to do so, without feeling guilty, without having the desire to just eat it. I want to have that natural instinct, will I ever get there?

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