Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Food and Exercise Log

Although I log all the food I consume and physical activity I do through the bodybugg program, I have decided I need more accountability than just myself and Matt, especially since I have my measurements happening tomorrow.

Food Log

(B) Banana - 110 calories
(S) Everything Bagel with SMART Balance Margarine - 360 calories
(L) Chicken Sandwich with Cheese and Miracle Whip Light on 12-Grain Bread: 420 calories
(S) Luna Bar: 180 calories
(D) Tuna (no salt added) on 12-Grain Bread and Ritz (no salt added): 520 calories
(S) Green Beans: 70 calories
TOTAL: 1,660

Total Water Consumption: 104 ounces

Exercise Log

60 minutes - elliptical cross country program - levels 3-11
20 minutes - stretching
Maximum Heart Rate: 154
Calories Burned: ~900

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