Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just An Update

Two weeks ago I had strep, and last week I was sick. I'm now sitting in Orlando on a business trip, ready to rip my eyes out because of allergies. So is life...

About a 1.5 weeks ago, I did cardio with Stephanie (one of the trainers) at the gym. She's fantastic. Stephanie's training for a competition at the end of the month, so she's always looking for people to do cardio with. We jogged/walked about three miles; jogged a mile and walked the other two. I jogged one lap, two laps, three laps, and four laps (my first). Each lap's a tenth of a mile. She gave me so many great pointers for running and showed me some new stretches on top of that. It was by far my greatest cardio workout in a long time.

Last night I had a breakdown here at the hotel. The fire alarm went off at about 11:15pm. It was the first night that I went to bed before 11pm and I was going to get six hours of sleep (I have averaged just under 4 hours of sleep per night since Thursday). AND I was waking up early to hit the fitness center to get some cardio in since I have not done cardio in weeks because of illness. Well, after the fire alarm, there went all my sleeping time again...but I have to look on the bright side, even if I did get up, I would not have been able to work out at their facility because a leak. I skipped a conference session today to go mall walking because I feel like I've been so lazy and just not eating well while not at home. It was something, I suppose. I was just frustrated with the fire alarm because I had an 8:30am presentation today on top of everything else.

I feel bloated and just super fat tonight. It hasn't helped that I haven't left the hotel (and be in daylight) for two days now. I had 12.5 hours of meetings yesterday and 10 hours of meetings today (would have been 12 if I didn't take that mall walking break!). And this is straight meeting after meeting, with maybe ten minutes inbetween to grab water and a snack.

I'm frustrated, tired, and can't wait to get back into a routine at the gym...


LisaN said...

It sucks to be away from your regular routine.

I hope you feel better soon.

Heather said...

aw hang in there! I completly understand about the sleep..I rarly get more than 5 hours so I know how precious it is and I hate when I get woken up by something. you are doing great with your exercise though, keep it up!

Scale Junkie said...

Great job jogging!! YOU ROCK!

I"m sorry Orlando has been bad for you, Zyrtec has been helping my seasonal allergies this year (I'm in Tampa)