Sunday, March 30, 2008

I've decided to start highlighting some of my links because I think they are super awesome. (Super has become a favorite word of mine, so you're going to have to learn to deal with it.)

I just added a link called meetup. Meetup is "networking" community for people with similar interests:

Time: "A convenient, non-threatening way to connect to other people who share similar interests and live nearby."

Newsweek: "...helps groups of strangers organize monthly powwows at local watering holes."

Toronto Sun: "'s important to stay true to your passions or interests, whatever they may be... An opportunity to reconnect with yourself and others in a stress-free environment. It's as simple as that."

So how can this work for you? While meetup is for any type of interests, you can find fitness related groups as well! I actively participate in two healthy lifestyle meetups in my area: 1) Get Healthy Now: Weight Loss, Health, Fitness & Fun Meetup, and 2) Fitness - Female's 28-48 Seeking Workout/Gym Partners.

In "Get Healthy Now: Weight Loss, Health, Fitness & Fun Meetup," I have learned how to beat sugar blues and make healthy smoothies without the added sugar that all those wonderful smoothie shacks add. In the "Fitness - Female's 28-48 Seeking Workout/Gym Partners," I have to chatting to a woman about doing a cycling class out our gym. It probably won't work out due to a scheduling conflict.

As with any internet group, if you're uncomfortable doing it by yourself, bring a friend! Better to be safe than sorry!

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Heather said...

thanks for sharing your links! they all look great! and yes, I have thought about swimming again. they are going to be building a clubhouse at my apartment complex and I am so excited this summer to be able to have a place to swim.