Sunday, March 30, 2008

My First 10K

I completed my first 10K a couple of hours ago. Notice how I said first? I suppose there's more coming my way! I spent most of the race "catching up" to Matt, Terri, and Leslee (sp?), but we all finished. (Just a quick update, we did a run/walk; my "catching up" was always a jog because they were walking so fast!) I meant to time it by my watch, but I forgot my watch at the car, so we had to rely on the race clock or Matt's cell phone. Matt calculated that we did the 6.2 miles in 82 minutes, meaning it was 14.4 minutes per mile, or 4.4 mph. My calculation, though, was based on the time clock, and I got we were doing 15 minutes per mile, or 4 mph. What can I say, I'm a math geek; I do it for my day job. As usual, I think I'm right...I'm a woman after all. :)

I've decided not to do the Bun Run in mid-April, but rather skip over it and do the Texas Round-Up at the end of April. I have a month to train!

I also have to state the fact that Matt did not have to do the 10K with us, but this is just one thing that makes him, as a trainer, above the others. Even though I give him crap all the time, what sister wouldn't?


Scale Junkie said...

WOW!!! IT gives me so much hope to think I might be able to run a 5k once I get under 300 pounds! You are my HERO!!! I'm so freakin proud of you!!

Heather said...

that is so awesome!!! congrats on your first, and I cant wait to hear about your next.

workout mommy said...

that is awesome, congratulations! I like how you are already planning ahead to do another one!

aka: workout mommy

Hanlie said...

I am so impressed! Well done, Michelle! You rock! And I've just looked at your stats - you've come a long way, girl!

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog searching for Texas Round-Up info.

I am also working on lifestyle changes, from being overweight my whole life. I am also an employee from Texas Round-Up and would like to send you a Texas Round-Up tshirt, if you'd like. Just as a thank you for posting us on your blog. And an incentive to keep up the dedication.

Feel free to email me at and I can get a mailing address, size, etc.

Take care and keep up the good work. Your post is reminding me that I need to workout today as well to keep moving forward on my own goal of 30 more pounds by July.

Christine said...

Hi...I zipped over here from Iowa Avenue. You are doing an amazing job and I think a 15 minute mile is incredible. I am going to do a 10K walk/run marathon at the end of May. I can only do a 20 minute mile. Me thinks that my body is too old and creaky to go any faster.