Friday, September 21, 2007

Working While Working Out

I went to Las Vegas from 9/15 through 9/19. Luckily I stayed on target (for the most part) diet-wise, although I probably should have done more cardiovascular exercise. Overall, I lost 1.5lbs for the week.

Meanwhile, at work, it's been super busy with people needing requests, contracts, data products, and presentations quickly (1-2 week timeframe). My team has been working really hard with the time off I have been taking, so I've felt a bit guilty when I was really strapped for time yesterday finishing up a graduate school class lecture that I was giving at the University of Texas today. I love doing this lecture because the students are really enthusiastic about school and get into the presentation I give them. Usually when I'm strapped for time, I work late forgetting about other priorities in life (e.g., exercise, eating well, etc), but I decided to do lecture prep while on an elliptical at the gym. This passed the time really quickly! While my intensity may not have been as fast as it should have been, I still got some in!

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