Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A Worrying Fool

I'm a natural over-thinker and worrier.  I worry about day-to-day items.  I worry about the future.  I worry about the past.  I worry about the decisions I need to make and how those decisions will affect my life FOREVER.  Over-thinking will ruin things.  It will consume you and will make you miss out on what's happening in the present.  I try not to over-think when it comes to being healthy, but I can't help but do so.  Will my friends still accept me if I physically change?  Will my personality change?  Will I become more egotistical and more me-focused rather than others-focused?  Over-thinking has always been my downfall, but I have yet to come up with a solution.  Any thoughts from my readers?


Urs said...

I've found that often when I "over think" about something, I begin to ask myself, "am I obsessing about this topic by thinking about it so much?" It leads me to examine my heart before the Lord, which usually directs my thoughts back to Him. I think there's a difference between thinking and thinking about things and talking intentionally to God about them. He tells us to keep our eyes fixed on Him (in Hebrews I believe) and to take our thoughts before Him. I ask Him to interrupt my thoughts (or actions) if I'm thinking about them in an ungodly way or if I'm not taking them before Him. It's a tough area that I don't think is black and white. From my experience, continually asking the Lord for help in my thought-life has helped a ton to either re-direct my thoughts if appropriate or take certain action steps about them. As Ephesians 6:18 conveys, pray always, in every moment, no matter what you're doing. I've had to ask the Lord to help me a ton with that. :)

Alison Burgess said...

Hi, I am a former, well I still relapse, worrier. I worried myself straight to hell and back about my daughter and if you ever need to talk give me a click. I myself just started a blog about taking your life back and it's in the baby stages but I am working on it. Worrying does no good for anyone especially yourself. First, most of what you worry about never happens and second, you can't change the inevitable. What you can change is you and your thought process. I don't want to be a spammer and put my link here but you are welcome to get in touch with me if you need too and I will tell you how I deal with things now. I can't make you any promises this is just what worked for me. Good luck and prayers.