Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just Do It

Yes, it's a well known Nike slogan:  "Just Do It," but it's fitting in anything and everything we want to pursue.  Well, at least for the procrastinator it is, even when all signs are pointing in that direction.

Sign #1
At the end of last semester I was walking out of Kick Butt Coffee in the Triangle, and I saw a woman wearing at Team 413 t-shirt.  This peaked my interest because I grew up in area code 413, so eventually I Googled the slogan.  Team 413 is a ministry based on Phillipians 4:13 - "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  The best way to describe the ministry is that it's a "running club" that speaks the truth of our Savior; through Him, all things are possible.  Do you believe in coincidences?  I sure don't.

Sign #2
My pastor is the best.  I'm probably going to make him blush if he ever reads this, but he recently blogged about something that hit home to me, "How to Avoid a Massive Failure."  I recently wrote about my failure to finish the Austin Half Marathon last year, and how it destroyed any and all ambition I had since I felt pretty prepared for it.  In his blog, and I won't give it all away, he has five tips:
1.  Know what you are getting into (I did, I ran a 10K after all.)
2.  Listen to wise counsel (I really should have sought this a bit more.)
3.  Start small and be OK with it (Wasn't a 10K small enough to start with?)
4.  Don't carry a bunch of excess baggage ( about some emotional and physical baggage in my case?)
5.  Know when to quit (But I think more importantly, know when to try again.)

As we all know, I'm back at square one, and I need to be okay with that.  I will be okay with that, as soon as I stop making excuses and procrastinating.  Tomorrow may never come.

Sign #3
My Joyce Meyer daily devotional today was John 14:23 (NIV):  Jesus replied, "Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them."  Joyce made some great remarks about this passage which I need to hold close to my heart:  
This simply starts with being obedient to His Word. A commitment to turn from behavior that offends God is the number one sign of spiritual maturity. It shows you care about what He thinks.

That means you choose to be generous toward others, you learn to forgive, let go of your offenses and live in peace. When we choose to be intentional with our words, giving thanks to God and lifting up others, we'll feel connected to God all throughout the day.  
Sign #4
A Facebook post about slaying my dragons before breakfast.  I need to re-focus my attention to things that God will approve and wants for me.  He wants me to be healthy and live a long fulfilling life, so what keeps getting in the way?

My Next Steps
1.  I need to devote more time to my Bible and to prayer.  With my new daily devotions sent to my inbox, this will help.  I need to please Him rather than myself.
2.  I need to exercise in the morning before work or school, no matter how tired I am.  Once I'm out of bed, I can function pretty well.
3.  I need to reach my target and read seven books (besides school books) this year.  This is easily obtainable if I hit the gym with my Kindle.
4.  I need to forgive and let go of those who have "trespassed" against me.  As much as I hate to admit it, God will forgive them if they ask for it, so I should too.  I'm beginning to think spiritual maturity is not going to be too easy.  I need peace.

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