Sunday, August 24, 2014

Intentional Living

At church, there's a lot of talk on intentional relationships. These relationships function based on making specific time for each other. I have a few friends in which we have to be very intentional since our life stages are currently different; if we weren't, we'd never get to see each other.

This past weekend, I started photo food journaling with my trainer. Anything that goes in my mouth, he gets a picture of. It's called accountability, and it's made me very intentional about the way I eat. So I've contemplated this thought about being intentional and am branding a new phrase - "intentional living." I know some are thinking that once you've received Christ, your life begins a season of intentional living, but I see it more than that. Any and every action I do and have directly impacts me and the world around me. If I lose weight through nutrition and exercise, I'd be more comfortable doing mission. If the house is kept up with, I have no reason to procrastinate my dissertation. Do I really need a venti at Starbucks or would a tall or grande suffice? Or better yet, do I really need Starbucks after all?

If we can be intentional with our relationships, we definitely can be intentional with ourselves, our bodies, and our thoughts. I am starting my intentional life today!

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