Saturday, August 02, 2014


The first step on a new path is always the hardest.  My new path, though, is not necessarily new, but an old one that I had walked about six or seven years ago.  The past few days I reevaluated why I was so successful at weight loss then but not now and here's what I have noticed:

1)  I had time.  I've been stressing about my dissertation and about life that I have been paralyzed in fear of moving in any direction.  In essence, I've been wasting time just thinking about things and not doing things.  Once my degree is done, I'll have all the time in the world again.  Just get her done already!

2)  When I moved to Texas, I had no cable or internet at my apartment.  While I cannot do without the internet due to my dissertation, I can, however, get rid of the cable.  My contract is up very soon.  I actually worked out more because of this since if I wanted to watch a specific football game, I had to go to the gym to watch it.  I actually may unplug sooner just to unplug...

3)  I had cooking days in which I made all my meals for the week and stuck to a grocery budget.  These are things I can start with right off the bat.

4)  I had a support system.  I verbally announced my intentions during my bible study group this past Monday.

Movement forward, even if on an old path, is better than staying stagnant.  Look out world, the old me is on the verge of being present again!

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