Sunday, August 03, 2008

Nike+ Human Race

The Nike+ Human Race is exactly that, a human race for the human race. Think about it, the concept is fantastic: People uniting for fitness. In 25 cities across the world, everybody will be running a 10K at the same time on August 31, 2008. How cool does that sound? Well guess what, even if there is not a 10K race in a city near you, you can still participate at home!

My start time in Austin, Texas is 6:30pm , and it will no doubt be a hot one! But I am still going to run as much as I can of it. I ran a mile today on the treadmill (a first) in 12:10, my fastest time yet (I've jogged a mile before in races). The cost is minimal for a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and fun (there's a concert afterwards). I'm super excited!

Friends who are in town, I'll be sending out an e-mail to see if anybody may interested in joining me. Yawhoooooo!


Ursula said...

cool!! how exciting!! congrats on your new mile time record!!! that's awesome!!!!

Scale Junkie said...

WOW! That sounds very exciting! I'm so inspired by you.