Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-In: 7/30/08

Weight Statistics
Starting Weight (1/1/05): 366.00
Weight Started with Matt (5/14/07): 342.00
Current Weight (7/30/08): 282.50
Weight Loss To Date: 83.50 lbs
% Body Weight Loss: 22.8%

Measurement Statistics
Starting Total Inches (10/26/06): 258.25
Total Inches Started with Matt (5/14/07): 247.50
Current Total Inches (7/30/08): 219.25
Total Inches Lost To Date: 39.00 in

I'm back on track! I've lost 10.5 lbs in the past 3.5 weeks!
I feel like a girl, I can cross my legs!
I'm going to Hawaii! It'll be my first real vacation since I started working 4.5 years ago!

The Good
I'm almost down another size!
I'm pretty sure I'll be doing the Nike+ Human Race 10K on August 31st. I'll blog about this later.

The Bad
I'm exhausted, and I feel like I don't have a life again, but I'm making it work.
I'm still not getting enough calcium, I think I'm going to have to supplement. I hate supplements and whole-heartedly believe you should get all your vitamins and minerals through diet alone.

The Ugly
The chocolate and salt cravings have been unreal lately. I'm unsure about the salt thing, but if your body craves something, you usually need something that it offers.


Gemfit said...

First of all, well done on the FANTASTIC and the GOOD!

I used to hate the idea of supplementing too until I realised that as long as you're sensible about it, it's not the root of all evil. I'd love to get all my nutrients from food but it's not always possible so now I take extra calcium and protein so I'm balancing everything out. Ultimately, diet is vital but we need those nutrients anyway we can get them.

Heather said...

great stats!! congrats on dropping a size and everything else you have been accomplishing lately. and wow....I am so jealous you are going to hawaii!!

Ursula said...

how encouraging!!!! congrats on the continued weight loss Michelle!!! you're doing so great!!!!!

I'm sad you're feeling exhausted :( sounds like Hawaii is much needed for you right now!!!! how cool that you're going!!! :)