Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Life

A couple weeks ago, I noticed my calla lily coming back to life. I feel like this flower has resembled my life this past year. I was doing okay after the breakup then the storm came in the form of a guy I dated in the spring. This led to my baptism and a renewal in faith.  

Ironically, this flower was given to me by my ex and it had died back to nothing over the summer. It was a fruitless summer as I personally struggled to find value and purpose in my life. I was just going through the motions in life. occasional workout. It was hard to be social. To be honest, I still wonder what my purpose is, even though I know what my different groups of friends would say. My Christian friends would say it's to share the Gospel. Spiritual but non-religious friends would probably say it's to show the Word through action. And my non-spiritual, non-religious friends would go with - you need to find something that you enjoy and strive for it. I've always wanted to inspire people. What better way to do that than defeat this weight issue.

When I pruned the calla lily in the early part of August, I noticed that it was hanging onto life by a thread. Similar to how I felt. I put the calla lily closer to a window (nutrition) and gave it some water. Nutrition and water sustain life. And God is called "living water" multiple times in the bible. It's not a coincidence. Remembering the weight loss I had five years ago, when I focused on myself, the more friends I had. I was also more giving. I'm heading back to that spot.

The song that has helped me over this past week is called "Who You Are" by Unspoken. I'll try to remember to post the video when I get home. Part of the song is "you can change who you are at the foot of the cross."

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