Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Missed Connection

On Tuesday, I stopped at Starbucks on my way into work.  I accidentally overslept by two hours, which wasn't an issue since we were having a long day in training and that started a couple hours after I usually would have gotten to work.  Although I rarely do it, that evening I decided to check the missed connections section on Craigslist and I saw one that seemed like it could have been for me; it happened earlier that same day.  It was!

With all these coincidences occurring, and since this individual did not have the opportunity to approach me, I sent him a reply.  We went back and forth for a couple of days and I was able to verify it truly was me who he saw.  Because I'm a hopeless romantic, I wondered if this was my "movie-like" encounter do-over, since the first one did not work out.  It seemed to be something right out of the movies after all.  How many people can claim that their missed connection was no longer a missed connection?

Thankfully, this individual was open enough to let me know he was attached before it went past just e-mailing one another.  When he disclosed this, I e-mailed him one last time and mentioned that he needed to share the raw emotions he shared with me with his wife or girlfriend.  I asked him to think about what he was doing to her and to himself by putting these missed connections out there on Craigslist and to be fair to her.  How could they work on those problems if she didn't know they existed?  I hope I got through to him.

Alas, perhaps my third "movie-like" encounter will be the charm.  Until then, this year will be the year focused on my health, career, school, and the Lord.  I definitely don't need any additional drama.  (Can you feel me rolling my eyes?)

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