Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Little Bit About Me

Let me introduce myself to my new readers.  I am a 31 year old epidemiologist (and student) who lives and works in the Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area in Texas.  I moved here in 2006 after briefly living in Michigan.  The joke in my family is that I'm slowly moving west; perhaps Hawaii is next?

I work full time and am a full time doctoral student in epidemiology at the University of Texas School of Public Health.  I will be taking four classes this summer, two of which I'm sure I'll be posting about because the topics are extremely interesting (occupational epidemiology and pharmaceutical industry).  I don't feel at liberty to discuss where I work; as a disclosure, this blog is about my personal journey and my beliefs, interests, and views.  I hope that the knowledge that I share with you will encourage you in your life, and maybe I will challenge your thought process as well.  Feel free to encourage me and challenge me too.

I am a cat owner and a chicken co-owner.  As an urban chicken owner, I feel the need to discuss and teach others about chickens as I learn.  I am also learning about home ownership; I've been in my house for just over a year now.  And yes, being organic is important to me; I suppose a bit of Austin has rubbed off on me.

The main reason for this blog is about my weight loss efforts - my successes and my failures.  Currently, my failures have been vast in comparison to my success; I'm back at square one in this journey.  The key, though, is that I haven't given up.  Nobody should ever give up.

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