Sunday, January 25, 2009

Others have faith...

...and I lost mine along the way. There are a few people at the gym that genuinely motivate me. My one friend, Len, has the best timing ever. One time, while running stairs for my trainer, he helped me finish them out, made me keep up with him. Pushed me to my limits. Today, when I was running two miles, he showed up by my side at 1.6 miles in. I was struggling to get through; my knees were starting to hurt, but I was trying so hard not to lose focus on the goal. The remaining 0.4 miles, I didn't even know I did because we were chatting and catching up.

Why do I keep losing focus on my goals? I really need to just suck it up and do it. Stick to my rules and stop screwing up. It's just nice to have friends to help out along the way.

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Hanlie said...

I think it's good to be reminded often that we need others to help us on the way, and conversely that others need us. No person is an island and we can't do this on our own!

I realized last week that motivation is a muscle that we need to exercise just like all the other muscles. It doesn't just happen on its own!