Saturday, November 01, 2008

What gives...

I'm still slightly frustrated with something that occurred a couple of days ago. I was in San Diego for work, and three out of the five days, I went for a run in the morning along the bay. It's a rather nice run, to be honest, and would recommend it to anybody who's going to be in downtown San Diego. Anyway, while on this run, I pass an older guy, probably in his 40's, and he exclaims, "Way to go!" ... Way to go? Say what? A fat person can't be up that early in the morning for a jog? I'm not sure why this simple statement has bothered me so much... Maybe it's because I'm jogging a mile regularly and slowly increasing it to two miles this month. Maybe I'm pissed off because I've seen some great changes in myself lately...maybe not weight-wise (still not losing the weight I gained over my Hawaii trip), but I feel like I'm making great strides physically.

I ask myself if I'd be just as pissed off if it came from a fat person like myself; the answer would be no. I felt like he was judging, not encouraging, and he had no place to do so.

That's my vent for the week.


Anonymous said...

I get the same thing... and I notice that skinny people don't say "way to go" to each other. I know in most cases they're trying to be encouraging, and probably don't even notice the judgement they're making.

but you know darn well they're thinking "there's a fat person trying to get fit. I think I'll go encourage them so they don't give up."

When they say "way to go" it's like we only hear the first part of their thought (there's a fat person)

Heather said...

oh my! I would have the same reaction as you. I can never understand why people feel that they can butt into other peoples business. Im sure he thought he was being supportive and didnt intentionally mean any harm, but thats not the point. he didnt have to say anything at all and perhaps people should realize how they sound sometimes.