Friday, April 11, 2008

What is Your Exercise Personality?

I love quizzes; I like to test them out to determine if they're accurate reflections of who I am. Therefore, I have deemed Friday to be "Quiz Friday."

What is Your Exercise Personality?
Find out which type of workout best suits your personality.

I took the quiz, and here's what they tell me:

Your Personality Type: INSPIRATIONAL
You're the type who catalyzes other people into action. You know how to say all the right things, which is why people gravitate toward you, tell you their problems, and look to you for inspiration. You're creative and are concerned about achieving personal growth.

Your Exercise Rx:
Dual-purpose exercise. To you, working out is engaging only when it's about more than just your body. You are more apt to enjoy it if it's about being part of a community or about exploring your inner self. To enhance your spiritual side, try listening to music to set the mood for a peaceful workout.

Best Choices:
Dance classes
Water aerobics
Martial arts
Trail running
Tai chi

Leisure Activities:
Your first priority is to work regular exercise into your week. But also think about using your leisure time to burn off a few extra calories. Here are some extracurricular activities for your personality type:

nature walks

Different personalities don't just take to different activities; they have to contend with different obstacles too. Here's what you might find in your path, as well as ways to get around it:

Because you may often engage in activities that involve instructors or coaches, you run the risk of being turned off by corrections or criticism aimed at you--or anyone else in your group.

Solution: Remind yourself that the teacher or coach is only trying to help you; if that doesn't work, look for a class or team that focuses more on teamwork or a teacher or coach whose style you prefer.


How did the quiz stack up for me? I LOVE nature walks, and once I get the running down, I can't wait to start doing some trail running around Austin. Out of my best choices I really only enjoy volleyball and swimming, but maybe I should try out a few classes at the gym. Kellen (a trainer and cycling class instructor) thinks I may enjoy his cycling class. Only if I have the guts to do it.

I do gravitate to the "inner self" part of working out. Not only am I changing physically, I am also changing mentally too. I just have to overcome my mental flaws. I loathe being criticized, and I think that's where Matt and I have butted heads lately. BUT, in all fairness, I have deserved the criticism.

So I'm curious, what's your exercise personality? Either leave a comment or write a blog about it (just let know you did!)! :)

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Anonymous said...

I took the quiz too, and found it really only did one side of my personality... I think that in some ways the evaluation was dead on (I get bored, when I'm alone it's easier to exercise in front of the TV) and in other ways really didn't apply. I appear more spontaneous because I don't plan too far ahead for some things because of my Lupus, but I do prefer a set routine I am familiar with.