Monday, July 25, 2005

Losing Inches But Not Weight

I have not updated this blog in a long time, so I figured it was about time to. As in the title of this post - I have lost inches but not weight; I have actually gained a little bit of weight. I'm not freaking out just yet because I do think it may be muscle since I am still losing inches. The first two major changes I have noticed has been my legs and my bust (truly weirded out on that one). I still feel great, I still work out quite a bit, and my best friend and I are trying to do a canoeing trip this week which I hope we can still do (I've been having car problems...).

So here's the scoop. Since June 12, 2005, I have lost 2 inches around the waist, 2.5 inches around the hips, 7.25 inches around the thigh (left), 3.75 inches around my upper bust, 2 inches around my lower bust, 1.5 inches around my arm (left), and 0.5 inches around my neck. I also think my feet have shrunk width wise.

This week was the first week my parents got to see the *newer* me. My mom's ecstatic and has told *everyone*, but she doesn't seem to understand the concept that *this* is *NOT* a diet. AND, everyone wants to know *how much* I've lost. Does it truly matter? I'm happier, more confident, but more importantly, love going out and being more physically active.

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