Saturday, April 26, 2014

Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?

Can you hear me?
A whisper exists in your ear.  Every bible passage you pull out and read tells you what you need to do in your current situation, but you choose not to listen.  You are in control of the given situation.

Can you hear me now?
As you head to urgent care on Easter Sunday, you're still oblivious to the fact that God is talking and providing advice.  All you can think about is that you need to start antibiotics today in order to still present to the CEO on Tuesday.  Yet you still don't even know if you have a bacterial infection, you're just basing your diagnosis on prior illnesses.

The diagnosis is strep.  Your throat and tonsils swell to make even swallowing water difficult and painful.  When you try to talk, all you do is croak.  You need to find a 24-hour pharmacy to get started on that antibiotic because you still need to present to the CEO.  You continue to ignore that whisper in your ear.

Finally home and on an antibiotic, you don't know what to do.  Everybody is visiting with family and friends on Easter and you can't even call your family to wish them a Happy Easter and catch up on life because your throat is too swollen.  You choose to send a few quick texts and work on that presentation you need to give the CEO on Tuesday.

Monday arrives and you are quarantined at your house since you're still contagious.  You still brush off that whisper in your ear.  You take a break and open Facebook to see everybody's spring family photos from the day before.  One of your more spiritual friends had posted on Easter something along the lines "He has RISEN!  Let us celebrate!"  You are reminded about what the holiday signifies.  The last few years you always brushed it off as "just another day," but you begin to realize that it isn't just another day.

You begin to listen.  It only took getting strep on Easter Sunday, being stuck home alone while in quarantine, and a dear friend's post to be reminded that sometimes you need to listen and hear what God has to say.  By not allowing you to talk, you had to withdraw from the situation that needed a solution and become analytical about what was going on.  You had to address and deal with it straight on.  You feel better about it.

The presentation to the CEO went better than expected.

True story.

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